... workshop and event photos


Sorolla's studio in Madrid
Madrid photos, March-April 2014

Florence photos, March-April 2014

ParisParis photos, March-April 2013

Melrose Abbey in Scotland
Scotland photos, April 2012

London Street scene
London photos, April 2011

Rome Skyline
Rome photos, March-April 2010

Image of Arcadia Gallery
Rob's one man figure show and demo at the Arcadia Gallery,
New York City Photos, March 2010

Ireland image
Northern Ireland Photos, June 2009

Venice Photos, March 2008

Wye River image
Wye River photos, Maryland, September 2006

view of Florence
Florence Photos, March 2006

Ireland workshop image
Ireland photos, September 2005


Other Photo Highlights

Unveiling the Portrait of Dasa at Sarasota's "Southern Atelier" in
May 2009

Photo taken by Renee Ray

Paint Alexandria, Spring 2008
Rob and Anna with portrait

Anna demo


Teaching Ecorch at Studio Incamminati, in Philadelphia
Ecorche classEcorche

Demo of Mimmi at the Southern Atelier, Sarasota, FL

Portrait of the director of the National Portrait Gallery
Rob and Marc Pachter
Rob presents the the portrait of Marc Pachter, retiring director of the National Portrait Gallery, at the 2007 American Portrait Society conference.